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Archived Stroke Webcasts and Presentations
Tuesday 01 January 2019, 08:00am - 09:00am

2018 Webcasts

Functional trajectories in ICH - March 7, 2018.pdf

2017 Webcasts

Palliative care needs of stroke patients & families: Practical approaches to improvement - Dr Jeff Myers.pdf

Webcast Link: Palliative care needs of stroke patients & families: Practical approaches to improvement - Dr Jeff Myers.pdf

Stroke Mimics: A Diagnostic Challenge- Dr_Basir_Oct 4, 2017.pdf

Health Quality Ontario- Quality Improvement Webinars

PSR Core Competency Presentation handout June 7, 2017.pdf

Provincial Core Competency Framework webinar link.PDF

The Effects of a Stroke on Bone Health - June 2017

Updated Stroke Clinical Handbook: Endovascular Treatment (EVT) and what it means for me… March 29, 2017.pdf

The State of Stroke Rehabilitation in Ontario: 2016 Focus Report of the Ontario Stroke Network Mar 1, 2017

Prov Stroke Rounds 03-01-2017 Webcast details.doc

Improving your compliance with stroke best practice: Communicating with patients with aphasia Jan 19, 2017- Recording

Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2016. A Focus on Stroke Rehabilitation.pdf

Heart and Stroke Webcasts:

Palliative and End of Life Care for Stroke Patients Webinar

Hypertension webinar series.

HSF English Webinars

Stroke Best Practice Webinars

2016 Webcasts

Keeping your Patients out of the Hospital by Preventing a Second Stroke.pdf

Management of Patients with TIA.pdf

The Palliation of Heart Failure and Stroke - Medical Management and Decision Making.pdf

Embracing 30-Day Cardiac Monitoring in the Real World -March 2 2016

Stroke Imaging in the Endovascular Era - July 2016.pdf

Endovascular Therapy Webinars 2016.pdf

Provincial Stroke Rounds - Stroke and the Elderly: Does Age Matter? Nov 2, 2016

Slides for Provincial Stroke Rounds - Stroke and the Elderly, Nov 2016

Heart and Stroke Presentation - Parameter Optimized Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke - Dec 2, 2016

Provincial Stroke Rounds - Driving and Stroke: A Clinical Roadmap for Rehabilitation across the Continuum of Care - Dec 7, 2016

Driving and Stroke Dec 7 2016 Presentation Handout.pdf

 2015 Webcasts

Ontario Stroke Network Archived Webcasts April 2015 to March 2016

When can you Drive after a TIA or Stroke.pdf

Intracerebral Hemorrhage.pdf

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