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Financial Support for Courses

   - Criteria & Application Form

The CRSN invites health care professionals who work within the continuum of stroke care and are situated within the Champlain Region to submit applications for cost-based financial support for courses attended, where the content is dedicated to best practices in stroke care. Individuals that work predominantly in stroke care within the CRSN may be eligible to obtain financial support for courses attended between April 1 and March 31 of each fiscal year. Consideration will be given to applicants submitting requests by the deadline of midnight on January 15th and June 15th, each year.

 Due to the possible volume of applicants, only successful applicants will be notified, approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

In the event of over-subscription, priority will be given to those more directly involved in care on stroke units. Other considerations will include experience in stroke care, the relevance of the course content to regional areas of priority for improving stroke care, and the existence of a documented plan for dissemination of information.

Note that these funds are intended for out of pocket expenses for individuals only, and are not intended for salary replacement or for institutional access. Eligible expenses may include conference registration fees, travel and accommodation. 

***Original receipts*** must be supplied prior to payment of financial support. Applications without original receipts will not be processed until all requirements are completed.

The following criteria will be used to select the level of support for applicant and courses. Please ensure the following before you apply for support:

  1. Information learned will enhance stroke care in the CRSN especially in areas that meet regional goals of enhancing performance in prevention, acute care and rehabilitation for stroke survivors; improve transitioning to next stage of care (stroke onset to rehab, community care options and quality of care, severe stroke patients going to rehab).
  2. Course content focuses on current best practices in stroke care according to 2010 guidelines.

Qualified health care practitioners include:

  1. Those working in the Champlain Region primarily with stroke in their daily work (priority will be given to those working on stroke units, stroke rehab units or with stroke survivors as a high percentage of their caseload).
  2. Priority will be given to those working with a higher percentage of stroke patients and for an extended period of time.
  3. Priority will be given to those with a defined plan for sharing the information within the region.

Criteria for financial support:

  1. Course registration fees (early bird fee).
  2. Food & accommodation, housing, travel, meals, to a maximum total of $1000 per person (in accordance with the travel policy of the Ottawa Hospital), availability of funds and number of applicants.

Other Criteria:

  1. The applicant MUST submit ALL receipts at once. The application will not be processed unless original receipts for all expense claims are received with the application.
  2. The applicant may be required to provide social insurance number to receive cheque; notification of such will be sent when needed.

The application form for these funds can be accessed here: ApplyButton Light Blue

All information gathered in this form is done so confidentially, and will not be used for reasons other than for the explicit purpose for which data is being gathered.

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