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Hemispheres® is a multi-level, web-based, self-paced stroke education series for healthcare professionals.

Hemispheres® offers seven levels of stroke education, plus the NIH Stroke Scale Training and Certification
in one comprehensive package.

"I took the Hemispheres programme to further develop my understanding of stroke. What I didn’t expect was how enriched my understanding and appreciation of the whole stroke experience would become. The tutorials are set up logically beginning with anatomy and physiology, followed by the emergency department experience and admittance to the ward. The topics are explained from different medical perspectives  which provide insight into what other members of the health care team are doing and why. As a nurse already having some years of experience with stroke patients in the hospital setting, the tutorials were easy to follow and easily relatable to my practice. The anatomy and physiology sections of the programme were especially useful because they served to reinforce my knowledge of the rationale behind our interventions for stroke patients during their hospital stay. Overall, this comprehensive course improved my ability to think critically and be more attuned to the needs of the stroke patient, which in turn has improved my stroke care.

-Alexis Near, Stroke Nurse, The Ottawa Hospital (Civic Campus)

  • If you are wishing to complete the Hemispheres® program, you may complete the following form to send a request to the CRSN Education Coordinator. Note that you will also neet to complete the memorandum of agreement for users of the Hemispheres® on-line learning program within the Champlain Regional Stroke Network before a license key can be issued.
  • New for 2014-2015 - if you are interested, there are now a limited number of licenses available through the CRSN Education Coordinator for imPULSE®, a new approach to chest pain and ECG education and competency. It delivers 7 levels of content in an interactive web-based format that covers basic ECG, heart rhythms, waveform identification and 12 lead education, an in-depth look at ACS, how to obtain ECGs, and more. imPULSE® is specifically intended for physicians, physicians' assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, paramedics, techs, and students.

Request for User License for Hemispheres or imPULSE ECG

CRSN Memorandum of Agreement for Hemispheres Users

  • Once you have your license key through your site administrator, here is a document with some instructions for how to get started on the Hemispheres® course:

Directions for getting started in Hemispheres

  • Here is the link to the Hemispheres® demonstration pages:

Hemispheres demonstration Web Site

imPULSE ECG Information Web Site

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