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Identifying Families' Needs during Palliative Care Post-stroke: A Qualitative Study

*Study ongoing until July 2020. Recruitments currently being accepted  

Dr Dylan Blacquiere, a member of The Ottawa Hospital Neurology team, is currently involved in a study on palliative care in stroke with Dr Jill Cameron at the University of Toronto.  They are looking at transitions of care in stroke, and hope to connect with families who have gone through the experience of a having a loved one make the transition to end-of-life care. 

We do not know enough about the experience of family members as they care for someone who has had a stroke and passes away, or how family members do after their loved one's death.  This research project aims to examine family caregivers’ experiences and their health and well-being during palliative care, and bereavement post-stroke. By understanding these experiences better, the hope is that programs may be developed to assist future families as their loved one passes away after having a stroke.

What’s involved? 
Participation in this project involves a confidential, recorded telephone interview that will last approximately 1 hour. A small stipend will be given as a thank you for participation.  If you or one of your patient's family members is interested, please visit the following link for information on eligibility:


 *UPDATE AS OF June 5, 2019.  This study is ongoing until July 2020 and participation is still being encouraged.


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